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~What are the entrance requirements for Romanian Medical Universities?

Well depends your country and on which university you’re applying to!

For sure is required to have a high-school diploma!

For example some universities look in your general average grade and some others the grade of science subjects (biology, chemistry, physics). Other universities have entrance exam that is organized by them.

With us you will get a plan for the best medical universities choices tailored to you.

~If i don't have any science subject (biology, chemistry, physics) on my high-school diploma can i apply?

If you don't have science subjects on your high-school diploma, you can also apply and enter into a medical school!


Is not mandatory to have those subjects in all the medical universities we cooperate. 

~Is there any language certificate that i need to provide?



For example if you will choose to study in English program you need at least B1 English language certificate (they accept also IELTS, TOELF, Cambridge) .

If you don't have any certificate we will help you get one here in Romania, valid for every medical university you want!

We can also help you get summer classes to improve your English but also we can registered you for the preparation year in Romania language!

~I am not satisfied with my current university. Can i change? 


Of course!


But to change university, first we have to find the problem to your current university so we can choose a better one for you! 

~I am studying dentistry but i want to study general medicine. Can i change? 




If you study dentistry and you want to change to general medicine or the opposite you can! According to your year and your subjects you can change field any time you want!

Even if you are just thinking about it, you can discuss with us and make things more clear!

~I have a previous degree or medical certifications are those useful? 




If you have a previous degree you can skip some subjects and even years from the medical school!


The right papers and the right stamps can benefit you a lot if you apply them correctly!


Together we can make a plan and see which certifications or degrees that you already have, can help you out!

Still more questions?

Book now an Online Meeting!!

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