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Make the process by yourself

For candidates who thrive on taking a proactive and self-reliant approach, our "MTPBYS" service is tailored to empower you to lead the way.


We offer you a comprehensive set of tools, an array of valuable resources, and a wealth of knowledge designed to equip you for managing the admission application process independently.


This self-guided option is particularly well-suited for candidates who are inclined to personally oversee and control every aspect of their application journey, affording them the autonomy and confidence to handle the entire process on their own terms.


''A PDF document with a comprehensive guide for a Romanian medical university''


''10% promo code for 

Soma Medical Store''


''3 Online Meetings with



''20% promo code for 

other university pack''

what we offer


''Stethoscope Littmann 

Classic III''


''Book of Romanian language

 Level A''

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