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Romanian Preparatory Year

Enrolling in a preparatory year for the Romanian language is a crucial step for prospective medical students. Mastery of the Romanian language is essential for several compelling reasons, with its significance magnifying as students progress through their medical education in Romania.

 A strong foundation in Romanian is imperative to comprehend lectures, participate in discussions, and excel in coursework. Building language skills during the preparatory year is fundamental in ensuring a successful academic journey.

Is it mandatory to know the Romanian language if you study in English? 

NO! But...

As students advance to the third year of medical school, they transition from the classroom to the hospital setting.


Effective doctor-patient communication is paramount in providing high-quality healthcare.


Patients need to feel understood and cared for, and being able to converse in Romanian with patients and medical staff is indispensable.

"It's an investment in both academic and practical success, ultimately enhancing the quality of care provided to patients."


It fosters trust, enables accurate diagnosis, and ensures the delivery of optimal medical care.

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