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New Spex NanoSNAP™ provides high performance measurements of nucleic acids and proteins in a snap

Scientists have a faster way to find the purity of DNA, RNA and proteins. The new Spex® NanoSNAP™ is a high-speed microvolume spectrophotometer that provides fast measurements and high throughput. It is dedicated to life sciences applications but also provides additional methods for self-defined protocols such as spectrum scanning, multiwavelength, quantitation and concentration.

This new spectrophotometer assesses the purity of DNA, RNA, proteins and any other type of assay for samples available in small quantities within seconds, using as little as 1 μL of sample with no dilution required. It is versatile, with full wavelength coverage from 190 to 1000 nm. It combines high performance along with ease of use thanks to its nano hydrophobic coated sample window, LED viewing light and the cushioning design of the detection arm. Reports are saved on the internal memory and can be easily transferred to USB.

The integrated 7-inch, color touch screen displays an intuitive graphic interface that makes navigation between the different measurement modes easy to learn and quick to use. Multiple measurement modes are available:

  • Nucleic acids concentration and purity: dsDNA, RNA, ssDNA

  • Protein A280: BSA, IGG, lysosome and custom proteins

  • Protein assays: BCA, Bradford, Modified Lowry for protein standard curve protocols

  • OD 600: Optical density at 600 nm and cells/mL calculation for cell cultures

  • More assays: Customized protocols using factor, standard curve and UV-Vis method

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