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Add a modern symbol of medicine to your stethoscope!


  • Anchor: This design originated from a request to raise awareness of the Mercy Ships; modern hospital ships with crews of 400 volunteers that sail directly to people where medical care is nearly non-existent.
  • Thin Blue Line: CharMED is proud to offer the Thin Blue Line charm. Wear it as a tangible symbol of love, support, honor, or remembrance, for all men and women in uniform and their families.
  • Thin Red Line of Courage charm: The Thin Red Line of Courage represents the last ounce of courage firefighters find deep in their blood to conquer their darkest fears in order to save and protect life and property. Wear your Red Line charm to show your support of these remarkable individuals.


*CharMED are unadjustable and fit most stethoscopes. For a snug fit, foam inserts are included.

Gloss charms for stethoscope

  • For those of you working in high risk areas of the hospital, cleaning your stethoscope once weekly can help prevent the spread of bacteria between patients. The good news is that charMED bling can be cleaned the same way!


    Simply wipe down your stethoscope and charMED bling with a swipe of 70% isopropyl alcohol solution. For more aggressive disinfecting, you can use a soft cloth moistened with a mild soap solution followed by drying and swiping again with 70% isopropyl alcohol.


    WARNING: Charms from the gloss line charm may lose enamel with vigorous cleaning.

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