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The HEINE C 2.3K binocular loupes is ideal for dental laboratories and general medical examination.


  • Crisp, clear images. Multi-coated, scratch-resistant silica glass lenses produce crisp, clear images.
  • Flexibility for precise adjustment. Independently adjustable PD controls ensure precise alignment of the optics.
  • Super lightweight and comfortable – only 46 g. Flexible coil temples wrap-around to fit the user’s anatomy securely and comfortably. Spring-loaded temples will adjust to the user’s anatomy. Lightweight Headband.
  • The ideal all-purpose loupe. The feather-light weight, low-profile design and low cost of the C 2.3 loupe make it the ideal all-purpose loupe.
  • Working distance. 340 mm (13 inches) / 450 mm (18 inches)


Important information for those who wear glasses:

The C 2.3 K Series loupe can also be worn without the use of spectacles. Should you prefer to examine without glasses, the charts illustrate how your refractive error will affect the loupe working distance. If you are unsure of your prescription, please
consult your eye care provider.

HEINE C 2.3K Binocular Loupes 340 mm / 450 mm Headband


    User’s refractive error Effective working distance
    +2 440 mm
    +1 390 mm
    0 340 mm
    -1 300 mm
    -2 270 mm
  • User’s refractive error Effective working distance
    +2 670 mm
    +1 560 mm
    0 450 mm
    -1 420 mm
    -2 370 mm
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