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The Kawe Otoscope Piccolight F.O. is equipped with high-quality fibre optics and a high-power Xenon lamp providing excellent illumination. There are two versions with different lamps: a 2.5 V vacuum lamp (standard) or a 2.5 V xenon lamp with fiber optic (F.O.). The robust otoscope is very energy-efficient and has a long operating life. Its blower connection also enables the use for pneumatic otoscopy.


Product details


  • 2.5 V
  • F.O. LED illumination (REF 12.75161.003)
  • Connector for pneumatic test
  • Shockproof and energy-saving
  • Battery handle AA
  • Disposable ear funnels, 10 x Ø 2.5 mm, 10 x Ø 4.0 mm
  • In pouch
  • Battery: 2 x Mignon, Typ AA, 1,5 V (batteries not included in the scope of supply)
  • Material: plastic


The KaWe Piccolight F.O. LED otoscope is available in 3 elegant colors:


Night version:  REF 01.13500.021

Sky version:    REF 01.13500.232

Stone version: REF 01.13500.262

KaWe Piccolight F.O Led Standard Otoscope

  • The KaWe otoscope can be easily cleaned with water, alcohol or soap. Please use the otoscope only when it is well cleaned in order to avoid possible risk of infection. In order to avoid contact with dirt and dust, please always store the otoscope in their packaging. It can be cleaned externally with a damp, soft and lint-free cloth

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