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The MDF® Acoustica® stethoscope is our lightweight, economy model that delivers accurate auscultation of heart, lung and Korotkoff sounds with acoustics integrity and clarity, while its ergonomic design ensures comfort over longer shifts.


Sound in Color

Choose the look that’s right for you.


Sound Judgement

Take the guesswork out of auscultation with our True Bell & True Diaphragm dual-head chestpiece. The bell side focuses on low frequency sounds (20Hz-100Hz) while the Ultra-sensitive Diaphragm handles high frequencies (100Hz-1000Hz).


Sound Barrier

With flexible, latex-free, thicker and longer tubing MDF Acoustica® blocks out external noises, and provide a safer distance between you and your patient.


Sound Fit

Our patented ErgonoMax™ headset is pre-angled and tension adjustable, allowing for a tailored fit. The dual-leaf spring adds a second layer of durability, ensuring the structural integrity of the headset and prevents breaking when tension is increased.


Sound Design

Our Acoustic Pyramid Chamber keeps the stethoscope tube from kinking or compressing while you work around your patient, to ensure a clear and open channel.


Safe & Sound

The patented SafetyLock prevents accidental puncturing of the eardrum from loose eartips coming off during your practice.


Stethoscope charms

Who says your stethoscope needs to be boring? Show off your style in a way that identifies you and your stethoscope!


Stethoscope cases

Find the case that fits your stethoscope (only MegaBox is suitable).


MDF Acoustica Stethoscope

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