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Enrolling in a preparatory year for the Romanian language is a crucial step for prospective medical students. Mastery of the Romanian language is essential for several compelling reasons, with its significance magnifying as students progress through their medical education in Romania.

A strong foundation in Romanian is imperative to comprehend lectures, participate in discussions, and excel in coursework. Building language skills during the preparatory year is fundamental in ensuring a successful academic journey.


Is it mandatory to know the Romanian language if you study in English? 

NO! But...

As students advance to the third year of medical school, they transition from the classroom to the hospital setting.


1. Effective doctor-patient communication is paramount in providing high-quality healthcare.


2. Patients need to feel understood and cared for, and being able to converse in Romanian with patients and medical staff is indispensable.


3. It fosters trust, enables accurate diagnosis, and ensures the delivery of optimal medical care.


"It's an investment in both academic and practical success, ultimately enhancing the quality of care provided to patients."

Preparatory Year

  • 1.University selection guidance

    Make informed decisions about your academic future with our expert university selection guidance. We analyze your preferences, academic goals, budget and career aspirations to help you choose the perfect institution for a successful educational journey.


    2.Folder preparation

    We assist in organizing and presenting your documents professionally, ensuring that your application stands out with clarity and precision.


    3.Document translation

    Overcome language barriers effortlessly. We accurately translate your academic records, ensuring that your qualifications are clearly communicated to the university of your choice.


    4.Document verification

    We will help you get the 'atesta' which is the document that verifies your high-school diploma and gives you acces to any university in Romania. Also we will meticulously verify all your application materials, ensuring they meet the standards of your chosen university.


    5.Admission application handling 

    We will personally apply your folder to the respective university, cover the fees of the folder application and takes care of the details, ensuring a smooth and efficient submission of your admission application.


    6.Housing assistance

    We guide you through the available options, making the process of securing comfortable accommodation a seamless part of your academic journey.


    7.Romanian phone number and bank account setup

    Settle into your new life in Romania effortlessly with our assistance in setting up a local phone number and bank account. We simplify the integration process, so you can focus on your studies.


    8.Airport pick-up

    Our team ensures a warm welcome and a smooth transition from the airport to your new academic environment.


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    Enjoy exclusive benefits with a 10% discount promo code for SomaMedicalStore. Access essential supplies for your academic and professional journey at a special discounted rate.


    10.Unlimited online meetings

    We Stay connected effortlessly. Our dedicated team is ready to address your queries and provide ongoing support throughout your academic experience.


    11.Visa and Immigration assistance

    Our experienced team guides you through the visa application process, ensuring all documentation is in order and helping you meet the requirements for a smooth transition to your academic journey in Romania.

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