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The Prestan AED Trainer Plus offers a remarkably realistic training experience, closely resembling brand AED Trainers in size and weight. It is platform-independent, rugged, economically priced, and has low consumables cost, making it an ideal AED trainer for all training needs. 

Prestan AED Trainer Plus

    • - Customizable training environment options 
    • - Easy switch from adult to child mode with a simple button push 
    • - Clear announcements in two languages (German/English), with the ability to change the language at the push of a button 
    • - Three volume options: loud, medium, quiet 
    • - The teacher can pause the scenario at any time to provide comments, and the scenario continues at the same position when the pause function is deactivated 
    • - Optional remote control available for the teacher, capable of controlling several AED Trainers within its range 
    • - Easy switch from automatic to semi-automatic mode 
    • - The scenario button allows quick changes to the shock sequence 
    • - The model contains the current guidelines and can be updated at any time by simply replacing the easy-to-replace module.
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