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This user-friendly Prestan CPR Torso comes with a sanitary airway/face shield, making it suitable for single student use or, for multiple students, an optional filtered face shield is available to prevent infections. The torso is equipped with a built-in indication function for compression depth and rate. A correct compression depth is signaled by an audible "click" sound, while the compression rate is displayed through a multi-color light system.




Prestan introduces the Ultralite Manikin, the newest and most portable addition to our lineup. Sold in a convenient and lightweight 4-pack, this manikin is incredibly easy to set up, providing efficient training-on-the-go with the quality and realism you expect from Prestan.




The Prestan Professional Child Manikin is meticulously crafted to resemble a child, featuring less prominent body structures and softer, more childlike facial features compared to an adult. It is smaller and thinner than the Prestan Professional Adult Manikin, providing a realistic visual and tactile experience. The manikin is equipped with a groundbreaking CPR rate monitor that delivers instant feedback to both instructors and students regarding the compression rate. 


The visual feedback from the CPR rate monitor allows students to feel the rhythm of delivering 100 compressions per minute. Additionally, students will hear a clicker sound as the chest reaches the appropriate depth, providing a tangible sense of the force required for real-life chest compressions. The manikin's clamshell torso design facilitates easy insertion of a face shield lung bag. 


The package includes a carry bag and 10 face shield lungs for convenient use. Prestan manikins adhere to the latest guidelines from AHA, ARC, and ERC, ensuring high-quality training experiences.




Encompassing an entire Prestan family of CPR dolls, this set features two adults, one child, and two babies, all equipped with CPR monitors. Prestan manikins align with the latest guidelines from AHA, ARC, and ERC, ensuring comprehensive and up-to-date training.




Experience the excellence of Prestan CPR manikins with this comprehensive set featuring adult, child, and baby manikins, each equipped with a CPR monitor. Prestan manikins adhere to the latest guidelines from AHA, ARC, and ERC, ensuring a top-notch training experience.

Prestan CPR Torso with indicating function

    • Compression depth indicated by an audible "click" sound 
    • - Compression rate displayed through a multi-color light system 
    • - Lights change color based on compression rate: red for up to 60 compressions per minute, orange for 80 compressions per minute, and two green lights for 100 compressions per minute 
    • - Reverse color changes if the student slows down 
    • - Inadequate compression depth results in immediate lights-off with a flashing red light 
    • - Comes with a carrying bag and 10 sanitary airway/face shields 
    • - Easy to clean and requires no special service 


    Prestan manikins adhere to the latest guidelines from AHA, ARC, and ERC, ensuring high-quality training experiences.

    • Uniquely fast and easy set-up
    • Stackable torsos and heads for compact transportation of multiple units
    • Clamshell opening for easy access
    • Easy-to-clean design
    • Vinyl and latex-free
    • Compatible with AED Trainer pads
    • Anatomically correct design, including the xyphoid process
    • Realistic chest compressions to a 5cm depth
    • Life tested to half a million compressions
    • Realistic head tilt
    • Visible chest rise with lung bag use
    • Unique torso design for a realistic feel


    Prestan manikins comply with the latest AHA, ARC, and ERC guidelines.

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