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The KaWe reusable ear funnel set fit most of the otoscope models from KaWe. The set include 10 ear funnels in five different diameters, in order to serve every patient. The observation of the external auditory canal and the eardrum is safe and hygienic since we thoroughly sterilize them after each use.


Suitable for:


  • KaWe PICCOLIGHT C and F.O.


Included in delivery


  • 2 x Ø 2,0 mm
  • 2 x Ø 2,5 mm
  • 2 x Ø 3,0 mm
  • 2 x Ø 4,0 mm
  • 2 x Ø 5,0 mm

Reusable Ear Funnel Set (x10)

  • The KaWe reusable ear funnels can be easily cleaned with water, alcohol or soap. Please use the otoscope only when they are well cleaned in order to avoid possible risk of infection. In order to avoid contact with dirt and dust, please always store the otoscope and ophthalmoscope in their packaging. They can be cleaned externally with a damp, soft and lint-free cloth

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