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For transfer students aiming to change universities within the same field of medicine, the process can be both demanding and highly specialized.


  • At our agency, we recognize the intricacies of transferring to a new institution while maintaining a focus on medical studies. We are dedicated to providing the expertise and support needed to facilitate this unique transition.


  • From coordinating credit transfers and assisting with the transfer application to offering tailored advice on selecting the most suitable medical university, we are committed to making the journey as seamless as possible.


  • We understand the significance of maintaining continuity in your medical education, and our experienced team is here to ensure a smooth transition that aligns with your academic and career goals.


Let us help you successfully transfer to a new university while staying firmly on the path to a future in medicine

Transfer Student

  • 1.University selection guidance

    Make informed decisions about your academic future with our expert university selection guidance. We analyze your preferences, academic goals, budget and career aspirations to help you choose the perfect institution for a successful educational journey.


    2.Document Collection Support

    We assist in gathering and organizing your required documents, ensuring a seamless and efficient submission.


    3.Application Process Guidance

    We provide step-by-step assistance, ensuring your applications are thorough, compelling, and submitted correctly and on time.


    4.Credit Transfer Evaluation

    We assess your credits, facilitating a smooth transition and ensuring your prior coursework is appropriately recognized.


    5.Admission application handling

    Our team handles the process, from verification to submission, ensuring your application meets the standards of your chosen university.


    6.Housing assistance

    We guide you through the available options, making the process of securing comfortable accommodation a seamless part of your academic journey.


    7.Romanian phone number and bank account setup

    Settle into your new life in Romania effortlessly with our assistance in setting up a local phone number and bank account. We simplify the integration process, so you can focus on your studies.


    8.Airport pick-up

    Our team ensures a warm welcome and a smooth transition from the airport to your new academic environment.


    9.10% discount promo code for SomaMedicalStore

    Enjoy exclusive benefits with a 10% discount promo code for SomaMedicalStore. Access essential supplies for your academic and professional journey at a special discounted rate.


    10.Unlimited online meetings

    We Stay connected effortlessly. Our dedicated team is ready to address your queries and provide ongoing support throughout your academic experience.


    11.Medical Scrubs

    Step into your medical career fully dressed with medical scrubs from SomasMedicalStore, provided as part of our comprehensive offer. Start your journey with the right scrubs for excellence in healthcare.

    12.Visa and Immigration assistance

    Our experienced team guides you through the visa application process, ensuring all documentation is in order and helping you meet the requirements for a smooth transition to your academic journey in Romania.

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